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Joseph Edmund

Joseph Edmund understands your expectations and are able to bring visions to life. By offering a bespoke high-level developments, we are able to touch the hearts of individuals who want their life to be rich with people, sensations and new destinations. We bring people and places together; those who want to merge diverse experiences into a high octane life entirely personal to them. Part ambition, part luxury, a lot healthy.

A new sense of living

“The moment before it all happens; close your eyes, take a deep breath and sense your instinct, for this is the moment when you know, that good times will follow.”

Joseph Faccenda


Our Values

Through emotion, rationality and distinctive energy, we help ‘Generation Experience’ meet like-minded people. We see what life has to offer and let people enjoy it. Using our trusted connections to take care of the big and small stuff, everything from finding a flight to fixing a dripping pipe, because no job is too little or too big. We’re all about giving an experience, for people to get encapsulated in, to make people feel great, elevate their day, and offer the opportunity to experience more.

You can count on us to be there – with the focus on getting better experiences, not making empty promises.

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