a u d i o l o g y  h o u s e

Green spaces and parks on your doorstep in SW12


Keeping active has never felt more important. It’s pretty much the only thing that’s remained a constant for the Audiology House team during these “unprecedented times”. Naturally, there are always going to be a few hurdles in big projects like this. Our solution? Drop what you’re doing, get to the floor and give us 10 x CTF burpees! (We’re joking… Or are we?)


Audiology House knows no bounds when it comes to elegant interiors and stylish conversions but when you need to get out and about, Clapham knows no bounds when it comes to beautiful green spaces and parks. Clapham Common and the Sw12 area in general has definitely doubled-up as our punching bag for the last couple of months. It has seen us take a tumble, but also get back up and keep pushing through. In fact, Scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilise mood, improve sleep and self-esteem. About five minutes of aerobic exercise can begin to stimulate anti-anxiety effects.

We blinked and September said “bye, I’m outta here” whilst October sprung up and presented us with “hey guys, welcome to Tier 2” *Sigh* Another hurdle but this time we’re ready for you – because as a community, we will persevere and we will come back at a faster pace than ever before.

So here it is… our recipe for a pragmatic week:


1. Begin it with boxing. Monday usually drives us strategically to a punch bag as opposed to a colleagues’ ears (we’re talking about you, Karen)


2. Tends to be followed by a run around the Common, primarily to enjoy a scenic route (weather permitting), otherwise it’s full speed ahead (we’re timing you!)


3. Depending on the outcome of the work week, Friday can be saved for a sparring session to sweat out any negative energies. We want to be ready for positive vibes only this weekend. There is of course, always the option to increase tenfold with a zen yoga session in the park with your favourites because as Ghandi once said:


“where there is love, there is life”


(- yes, we are now motivational speakers)


Want to explore the area and explore a little further afield? Clapham is three miles from central London with Battersea to the North, Brixton to the East, Balham to the South and Wandsworth to the West, so you pretty much have options in everywhere direction. Feel free to repeat any of the above steps as desired. Just remember, the goal is to finish each session feeling fresh, focused and fulfilled. Listen to your body and we’ll see you at the Common!