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The Clapham community are standing together! #SupportingOurCommunity


What a year!

“Super scared” seemed to be the common consensus when we asked our local SW12 community how they felt about the impending lockdown. Having to close the doors to their livelihoods, no one saw it coming. But perhaps there have been good things to come out of lockdown. A time for reflection. A time to adapt? A time to focus on agility.

At Audiology House, we believe in always #SupportingOurCommunity so we grabbed our camera and put our bravest faces forward to ask SW12 how they adapted during these “unprecedented times” (at a 2m distance, of course).



We spoke to our SW12 neighbours


Here’s a summary of what our community full of bustling independent shops, cafes and restaurants had to say:


@claphamflowers – Nightingale Lane, SW4 9AE


Our floral friends at Clapham Flowers experienced their busiest Mother’s Day yet prior to Boris’s announcement to shut their doors. Plot-twist. Within a week, they were inundated with customer calls – apparently, the demand for fresh flowers never stops! Some may have thought their hands were tied, but Madeleine and co. thought outside the box. They conducted a warehouse experiment, creating bouquets ready for contact-free door-to-door deliveries. Moral of this story: your community is your biggest asset. Stay positive and they’ll help you through the hardest of times!


@nightingalepatisserie – 61 Nightingale lane, SW12 8ST


Once a coffee shop, now also a deli, Nightingale Patisserie saw an opportunity and grasped it with both hands. They changed, they adapted, they embraced this new way of life and thanks to the SW12 close-knit community spirit, it paid off. An oat milk cappuccino & salted caramel brownie to go please!


@portersbarbers – 29 Abbeville Road, SW4 9LA


I think we will all agree we have seen one too many bowl cuts this pandemic. No wonder Porter’s Barbers has felt a tad quieter. That being said, the vibe and atmosphere remains (once you look past their Grey’s Anatomy look). If you’ve experienced a “lockdown trim” including inconsistent hairlines and accidental bald patches, Marco and his team of professionals are here to help. Please call 020 8675 0309 for such emergencies. Lockdown trim or not, we’re all in this together and the “keep it going” mentality never stops!


We’ve got more SW12 locals below


@moxonsfreshfish – Nightingale Lane, SW4 9AE


Hands up if you think you’ve become a chef during lockdown? If your hand isn’t up, you’re lying. How do we know? The demand for Moxon’s Fresh Fish has sky-rocketed. So much so, that they had to take on more staff and work a hell of a lot harder (we’re sure they’re not complaining!) Brb, off to buy some fish to make tonight’s “Sole meuniere”…


@bellevillebrew – 44 Jaggard Way, Balham, SW12 8SG


A special thank you goes out to the breweries and pubs. The true unsung heroes who have kept us with a pint in both hands. The team at Belleville Brew were blown away by one innovative idea. Located next to a school, one local pub rented part of a playground to make plenty of outside area for their thirsty consumers. Clever? Yes. Genius? Absolutely.

So let’s put our hands together for the frontline workers and also the forward-thinkers who got themselves back on their feet as soon as they possibly could. The true superstars of SW12.

Fancy feeling even more inspired? Check out our video and hear it from the SW12 community themselves… 2020, it’s been a reality check. 2021, we have high hopes for you – let’s knock it out at the (Clapham) common!