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Clapham Connected


It’s one thing to want to live somewhere secluded from the hustle and bustle of town but another thing to feel isolated in a place where it’s too much of a pain to travel from. Then there’s Clapham. You get the best of both worlds.


Most people think living south of the river means you’re at least an hour away from anywhere and therefore tend to reside in only your part of town. We’re here to show you the easy and efficient ways to get around from Clapham, whether cycling, tubing, bussing or hailing a cab (i.e. Uber).


We’ve all been misled (lied to) by City Mapper, (I personally always shave off 5-10 minutes from each journeys ETA) so we’ve done the leg work (some of our thighs are on fire).

Being south of the river you may think it could take some time to get from Clapham to central London

The best ways to travel from Clapham


Tube/Bus –  London Buses… Who actually has the time? It’s no surprise that at the best of times we avoid the bus unless there’s a monsoon; best to be avoided. However, with just a 5-minute walk to Clapham South tube station, the northern line awaits. It couldn’t be easier to get almost anywhere in under 40 minutes. You can even enjoy a nice walk passing Clapham Common on the way.


Uber – It’s been a long week. It’s Friday. Your friends out West want to meet for dinner. Surprise, surprise, it’s in Chelsea… It’s fine, you’re the friend that ventures out of their borough to try new things. 30 minute Uber. You’re earlier than them.


Cycle – Generally known to be the most efficient way to travel around London, with the added bonus of burning calories – Suffice to say Cycling from Clapham is guaranteed to get you from A to B with some time to spare (albeit accompanied by some extra perspiration). PSA. Wear a helmet. Bike: An average time of 30 minutes to The City / Covent Garden.


There we have it, if you’re short on time, catching the tube clearly is the no brainer (as of June 15th, paired with your most fashion-forward PPE). If you have the energy and don’t mind turning up in your Rapha bib, cycling is the way. However, nothing beats the comfort of an Uber. Fashionably late, right?
It doesn’t matter how you’re getting there because you’re well-connected! Audiology House is ideal for commuters with Clapham being three miles from central London with Battersea to the north, Brixton to the east, Balham to the south and Wandsworth to the west.