a u d i o l o g y  h o u s e

New development in South Clapham, SW12

At Joseph Edmund, we think it’s imperative to keep the life and soul of a building alive. And why wouldn’t you? With a building with as much historical presence as Audiology House, it was a no brainer to utilise its design and maximise its character. We wanted to work with the right architects that shared the same values, herein lie award-winning architecture practice Darling Associates.


To be given the privilege in developing a majestic villa like this in Clapham South is a rarity in itself and incredible opportunity. Normally, a building like this in the SW12 area would be akin to having a large garden behind it. However, in the 1930s/40s a factory was developed onto the back of the unit that would manufacture hearing aids, giving the site its name; Audiology House.


Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings.

Darling Associates were the obvious choice for this project, specialising in sustainability the architecture firm behind renowned developments globally. Working on a number of regeneration projects the firm was the perfect fit for the Audiology House development sharing the values of Joseph Edmund in creating a space that merges history and high-quality design. Clapham knows no boundaries when it comes to creativity.


The re-design of the rear building celebrates its heritage, with the factory re-imagined in the saw-tooth roof design you can see, keeping the DNA alive with a modern edge. Hearing-aid factory demolished, the site is ready for (re)development, starting on the main house, regenerating it to its original beauty, with the new structure of Audiology House and it’s 19 apartments ready to take shape. These unique conversion apartments and contemporary new builds will be nothing short of exquisite.


So are you ready to join us in our Audiology House development journey?  If the answer is “Yes” or “Maybe” and you can envision yourself enjoying the luxury of living in the heart of the SW12 area in one of our 19 AH apartments, we would love to speak to you further. Stay up to date with the unique build progress and receive exclusive insight into Clapham South area.


Just drop us a line at: sense@josephedmund.co.uk