a u d i o l o g y  h o u s e

Exquisite conversions coming to a SW12 postcode soon

As the development in Clapham continues, we promised to keep you into the loop, with a first-hand glance on the update of our journey. We spoke to RED Construction’s Nathan Farah and how they are managing the progression of Audiology House.


RED Construction have been onsite since mid 2019, beginning with some demolition of the existing factory units behind the main part of the building and with some very gentle demolition on the wings of the existing building with a strong value to retain the original Audiology House heritage and soul.


RED Construction team members have worked on some of the most prestigious residential projects in London and the South East so they know the Clapham and surrounding areas very well. They are used to delivering high quality work on time and to programme, often within difficult or confined sites with close neighbours.


It’s no surprise that Audiology House and RED Construction are the perfect development fit, aligning with the same principles and values of utilising the builds historical presence and maximising its character with a conscious elevated design principle.


Join us for the journey and experience more with Audiology House.

As the development in Clapham progresses, the main building has been strengthened with new floor joints and a new steel frame, as well as a new structure with the strength and love being injected back into the original Audiology House block, again connecting on our focus of retaining the history of the building and extending its life and soul.


The steel frame on Block B (new extension) has been erected, with concrete laid and low-level brick and block work completed. Within the next few weeks Block B will be wrapped up completely and its roof covered. Block A (original villa) much the same, will have the pre class cladding panels finished off and restoration of the outside of the façade with the strength back. This will be followed then by the starting of the internal finishes of the build to take shape of the distinctive specification and high-end apartments that will be coming soon to the SW12 area.


Watch this space to see for yourself the evolution from a Hearing Aid Factory to a prestigious luxury residential development in the heart of Clapham, Audiology House.


For more information, drop us a line at: sense@josephedmund.co.uk