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A stroll through Food & Drink in Clapham


Brunch. A frequently used term by all fellow Londoners. A late morning meal is eaten instead of breakfast and lunch (usually when hungover after a night at No. 32). Brunches tend to involve the copious amount of artistically spread avocado, waffles drizzled with excessive amounts of maple syrup (reminder: waffles are pancakes with abs but sadly, they punish us with the opposite effect when eaten) and perhaps a Bloody Mary.


Oh, and FYI: it didn’t happen unless you take a photo of it and upload to Instagram. God forbid if you’re poached eggs aren’t runny. Consider that an unfollow. No one wants to see you stabbing a hard-boiled egg. Lucky for you, Audiology House has a wealth of amenities nearby and you can thrive in the hustle and bustle of the lively Clapham area! But first, let’s talk about Brunch!


Waffles are just pancakes with abs.

The Clapham, SW12 area is rich in streets full of hot Brunch spots, hearty boozers and some well-stocked gastropubs! We are fortunate to be spoilt for choice with Brunch so here’s a little “taste” of our top 4 irresistible favourites that are close to Audiology House:


33 Abbeville Road, SW4 9LA

Fancy something humble, stripped back and delicious? Join them for mouth-watering street BBQ’s in the Summer. No need to order ahead. Just rock up to the (hopefully) sunny terrace and enjoy!


The Dairy, SW4 0HY

Here’s a quirky one for you. Finest seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers served on ceramic plates. Imagine the most peculiar food combinations and enjoy the taste explosion in your mouth that shouldn’t work… But totally does. In Summer, nab yourself a spot outside. Welcome to people watching central overlooking the common. Watch the #fitspos of Clapham burn calories whilst you indulge in them.


No. 32 Old Town, SW4 0JE

Ok, you were there the night before but if you’re brave enough to show your face again the morning after, you’re in for a treat. Eating on the stunning terrace area overlooking Clapham often comes at a premium (get there early!) but fortunately, the inside really is as great as the outside with bar seating so you can impatiently spy on the chefs whilst they cook you up a storm.


Flotsam & Jetsam, SW17 7EQ

A beautifully designed Antipodean-style cafe. Water down your smashed avocado and feta on toast with an iced cold pink watermelon and lime juice. Calling all Flotsam (or soon to be) fans, the now-infamous brown butter and espresso hollandaise sauce awaits you.

So next time you find yourself craving the ultimate Eggs Benedict. Grab Hollandaise the French Bulldog… come to Clapham. And if you’re wondering whether it’s acceptable to have an alcoholic beverage for Brunch or Lunch, the answer would be absolutely. In fact, we at Audiology House would argue it would be rude not to.


(Disclaimer: no avocados were bruised in the making of this video)